Bays Mountain
License Plates for Tennessee

586 ordered of 1,000 needed (updated 7/13/24)


The plates have not been produced yet. It will be a few months before they arrive.

These are legal, registered TENNESSEE  license plates, not a decorative/novelty plate.

Are you looking for a new way to support Bays Mountain Park and Planetarium AND get an awesome new license plate?

Introducing the Bays Mountain Park "Friends of Bays" license plate! The funds raised will directly benefit park improvements, events, projects, and maintenance.

How It Works


Q - Does Bays Mountain Park receive any money from the BMP license plates?
A - Yes! Each year when you renew your specialty plate, the Bays Mountain Park Association will receive a portion of your registration fee

Q - Does the $35 pre-order fee include my vehicle registration?
A - No. This is separate from your local vehicle registration fee. The $35 fee is a surcharge for the BMP specialty plate

Q - I've paid my $35 pre-order fee for my BMP license plate. When can I expect to get my new plate?
A - Once 1,000 orders have been placed, the plates will go into production and will be shipped to your county clerk's office within 4-6 months. You'll be notified when your plate is ready for pickup.

Q - What happens if we don't reach the 1,000-order requirement?
A - If we don't reach the minimum-order requirement, your $35 pre-order fee will be considered a donation to the Bays Mountain Park Association and used to support the Park

Q - What will BMPA do with the revenue received from the BMP license plates?
A - These funds will be used to assist the Park in a number of ways: Animal habitats, trail maintenance, equipment needs, events, etc.

Q - Can I designate how my BMP license plate fee is to be used at the Park?
A - All funds from this specialty plate program will go into a General Fund account so it can benefit the Park in a variety of ways. If you'd like to make a specific-purpose donation, please see our Donations page

Q - How do I renew my BMP license plate each year?
A - The BMP specialty plates will be available on the Tennessee License Plate website or at your local county clerk's office. Once you have a BMP license plate, you have the option of renewing the plate each year, just like a normal plate

Q - How do I get BMP plates for multiple cars?
A - Pre-order as many BMP license plates as you need. When you're notified that your plates are ready at your county clerk's office, you can turn in your old plates when you pick up your new BMP plates

Q - Will there be a BMP license plate for disabled drivers?
A - According to TN state officials, this design will not be available as a "disabled" license plate. But you can place a disabled sticker on a BMP license plate

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